Tour Conditions and Cancellations:

Extended Tours: A deposit of A$350.00per person is required within 7 days of booking (domestic).

Balance to be paid 6 weeks days prior to departure.

Extended Tour:  Airfares are non-refundable.

An Administration fee $50.00 pp applies.

Where we are charged a cancellation fee by one of our suppliers this cost will be passed onto you, over and above our fees.                           

Travel Insurance: Full comprehensive insurance is not included,


Terms and Conditions

The terms & conditions and limitation of liability under which all tours that are organised and/or operated by Aussie Sights Tours & Travel are detailed hereunder and the payment of the tour deposit or tour price represents acceptance by the purchaser of the following:


All coach tour fares in this brochure are guaranteed and not subject to increase, other than any new Government Taxes, Air, Sea or Rail services, over which we have no control! Fares can be found in the fare box for each tour and include accommodation on a twin share basis, meals and all sightseeing, cruises and inspection fees as per itinerary. Overseas departure taxes are not included

Single Supplement

A limited number of these are available on most tours.

Travelling Alone

Where a single passenger is willing to share accommodation with a fellow single passenger Aussie Sights Tours & Travel will endeavor to find another of the same gender, however if no suitable companion can be arranged, single supplement must be paid. The Company otherwise accepts no responsibility of the rooming partner and it is a condition of travel that the single passengers willing to share accommodation, accept the rooming partners allocated by the company. If a passenger at any time during the tour considers the rooming partner to be unsuitable the Company will, subject to availability and at additional cost to the passenger, arrange single accommodation.

Seat Allocation on Coach Tours

To ensure all passengers enjoy window and forward seats a daily seat rotation policy has been incorporated.

Deposit & Final Payment:

To confirm your reservation you will be required to pay a non-refundable deposit and return a signed page 1 of the Booking Form. The amount of deposit will be a minimum of $350 per person and may include deposit to supplier/wholesaler as well as a deposit held by Aussie Sights Tours & Travel . Your deposit forms part of your final payment which must be received by us before documents are issued. Final payment is usually required 45 days prior to departure

Cancellation By Us:

Minimum Numbers Policy: All tours are subject to minimum numbers for tour to operate. We reserve the right to cancel a tour for any reason (such as failure to reach a minimum tour participant numbers). Except for force majeure (war, civil strife, riot, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather, epidemics/pandemic, fire and all similar events outside the control of the party concerned) we will not cancel a tour less than 14 days prior to departure. No further compensation will be paid in the event of cancellation by Aussie Sights Tours & Travel.  where we are charged a cancellation fee by one of our suppliers. This cost will be passed onto you, over and above our fees will be the full extent of our liability .


Can be made by electronically to Aussie Sights Tours & Travel

bank account, Visa, Mastercard , cash, or cheque. Fees and Charges: Credit card merchant charges may apply between 1% and 3.5%. No fees apply to other forms of payment.

Amendment/Cancellation Fees:

We are unable to provide a refund to you until we receive the funds from the relevant supplier. Amended or cancelled bookings will incur charges. These charges can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking, regardless of whether travel has commenced. Aussie Sights Tours & Travel reserves the right to charge cancellation fees over and above those charged by wholesalers, tour operators, airlines, cruise companies, etc., within guidelines recommended by travel insurance companies. Fees may also apply where a booking is changed or tickets are reissued.

Travel Documents:

Travel documents are subject to individual conditions and/or restrictions. These can include being non-refundable, non date-changeable and subject to cancellation and/or amendment fees. All travel documents are non-transferable. All airline tickets must be issued in the identical name of the passport holder or photo identification, as airlines are at liberty to deny carriage if the name varies, and the booking may be cancelled. Any relating fees will be at the traveler’s own expense.

Travel Insurance:                                                                                              Travel insurance is strongly recommended.                                                         It is a condition of travel that each passenger is adequately covered by proper insurance. Aussie Sights Tours & Travel  recommends travel insurance to guard against loss of deposits through cancellation charges, baggage loss, medical expenses, theft and other contingencies. We will be pleased to provide information to you about comprehensive travel insurance.


Aussie Sights Tours & Travel reserves the right to alter or change the accommodation, carriers or coaches at any time for any reason. It also has the right to cancel/alter the itinerary and/or tour without notice as may be found necessary for any reason whatsoever including, but not limited to road, weather or traffic conditions, non-performance of suppliers, industrial action, operational conditions and requirements. All additional expenses incurred as a result of any delays, cancellations or alterations will be the sole responsibility of the passenger. Whilst Aussie Sights Tours & Travel will take all reasonable steps to provide an enjoyable tour, Aussie Sights Tours & Travel accepts no liability for any loss of enjoyment whatsoever and howsoever experience by the passengers.

Health and Fitness

A good level of fitness and health is required to participate on our tours. In some of the destinations, there is extensive sightseeing on foot and climbing of stairs, and good mobility is needed getting on/off coaches, boats and, in places, trains. We recommend a visit to the doctor and dentist before travelling. It is your responsibility to advise Aussie Sights Tours & Travel of any pre-existing medical conditions that may affect the normal conduct of a trip and the enjoyment of others while on tour.

Luggage Limits and Clothing

Only one medium suitcase approx 70cm long x 60 wide x 40cm deep and 18 kg’s in weight with a small bag to take on the coach. Clothing should be casual, with lighter clothing necessary for the tropics and warmer clothes for the southern areas, especially for some nights. Bring swimmers, towel, hat, sunglasses, insect repellent, sensible walking shoes, warm jacket and an extra supply of all camera needs.


Your comfort is important so we select the best motels available and all the rooms have private facilities. Most motels are licensed, centrally located with swimming pools and laundries. Facilities in remote areas may be less elaborate.


Aussie Sights Tours & Travel do not accept any liability whatsoever for the acts, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, of third party providers over whom we have no direct control. Under circumstances where liability cannot be excluded, such liability is limited to the value of the purchased travel arrangements. We do not accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss (including consequential loss), delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force or any other event which is beyond our control which is not preventable by reasonable diligence on our part.

Privacy Policy:

Aussie Sights Tours & Travel is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal information.

Charter Cancellations: 50% of the Charter cost will be charged if the job is cancelled within 72 hours of the transfer. 100% of the Charter cost will be charged if the job is cancelled within 24 hours. If the job is cancelled after the job has been confirmed a $100 administration fee will apply.

All our accounts are strictly (7) days from date of invoice.

The aim of this policy and procedure is to perform bus or coach charters in a safe
and comfortable manner that is satisfactory to all parties involved, and presents a
basis for a continuing amicable business relationship.
Responsibilities – The Company.
1. Aussie Sights Tours and Travel will ensure that its operations, its vehicles and its drivers
conform to all licensing, accreditation, and insurance requirements as defined
in the Passenger Transport Regulation 2007as amended.

2. To provide the Hirer with a clean, well presented, roadworthy and reliable vehicle to meet the standard required by the booking.

3. To ensure the Driver is licensed, authorized, trained and sufficiently
knowledgeable and competent to perform the charter to the standard required
by the booking.

4. To ensure the Driver is clean, tidy, well presented and fit and capable of
performing the duties required of him.
Responsibilities – The Driver.

Prior to leaving the depot;
1. The Driver will ensure that he knows all the details of the charter, e.g., who,
when, and where,

2. The Driver will ensure that he is competent and capable of carrying out the
charter to the hirer’s expectations.
3. The Driver will ensure that he is fit, well and able to undertake the charter

4. The Driver will inspect the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is free from visual
defects and damage, and that it is suitable and capable of performing the
charter requirements.

5. The Driver will ensure that the vehicle is clean and full of fuel.

6. The Driver will ensure that regulatory accreditation’s or authorities are
displayed, and that he carries and compiles and/or completes any necessary
logs, log books, and/or tachographs as required by law and/or Aussie Sights

The Driver will make every effort to ensure that the passengers enjoy a safe and
comfortable journey.
The Driver will ensure that all passengers are seated in accordance with the legal
seating capacity of the bus, that all passengers are, and remain seated safely and
properly, and that all luggage is stowed and secured correctly.
The Driver will load and unload reasonable sized luggage, as per manual handling
guidelines as set out in  Aussie Sights Tours and Travel OH & S Policy. (also refer to section
concerning Carriage of Luggage para.2.) The Driver may require and shall be given
assistance by the Hirer to handle large, awkward or heavy objects of luggage.
The Driver will abide by all road and traffic rules, and shall not under any
circumstance breech any laws in relation to driving hours.
Responsibilities – The Hirer(s)
Adult and Social Groups.

1. The Hirer must compile a manifest listing the names and addresses of all
passengers, a copy of which must be carried by the Hirer’s responsible
person traveling with the group, and this manifest must be carried for the
duration of the charter.

2. The Hirer or Group must nominate at least one adult person to be responsible
for the acceptable behavior and well being of the passengers.

3. Smoking, eating or drinking (excepting bottled water) is not permitted on the

4. The seating capacity of the bus/coach must not under any circumstance be
exceeded, with only one adult person to each adult person space. (For
children seating capacity refer to School and Youth Groups section).

5. If luggage needs to be carried with the passengers, the Company will be
informed at the time of booking the bus/coach, in order to ensure that a
suitable vehicle is supplied.

6. Should the bus/coach be seat belt equipped, all passengers must wear the
seat belts.

7. Standing passengers are not permitted.

8. Passenger must remain seated and wholly within the bus/coach, whilst in

9. The aisle of the bus/coach, or emergency exits must not be obstructed by any

10. Excessive noise or behavior that could distract the driver from the safe
execution of his duties as driver, will not be tolerated and dealt with

School or Youth Groups.
In addition to the afore stated responsibilities and policies, the following apply,
1. School students, or groups of persons under 18 years of age, must have at
least one adult traveling , who will be responsible for the behavior and well
being of the passengers.

2. Children under 12 years of age may be legally accommodated in buses only,
(not coaches) at the ratio of 3 children to a seat designed to accommodate 2

3. If an adult is occupying one place in a 2 adult designed seat, then one only
additional person may occupy that seat.

4. The rear seat, where designed to accommodate 5 adults, may be occupied by
7 children under 12 years of age.

5. The bus must not exceed its legal adult seating capacity.

6. If luggage needs to be carried with the passengers, the Company will be
informed at the time of booking the bus/coach, in order to ensure a suitable
vehicle is supplied.

7. Standing passengers will not be carried, excepting in the case of a charter for
a school sports or similar for a short distance not exceeding 10 km, and
where the bus does not exceed 80 kph. The bus must not exceed its legal
standing capacity.

Coaches cannot carry standing passengers under any circumstance.
Carriage of Luggage.

1. Luggage (other than soft hand luggage that will fit wholly within overhead
luggage racks), must only be carried in specifically designed and designated
luggage areas.

2. The maximum weight of any personal luggage carried shall not exceed 15
kilograms, and its dimensions shall not exceed those that can easily be
carried by hand by the passenger conveying the luggage.

3. Large items of luggage must not be carried loose in the saloon of the
bus/coach (excepting in a specifically designed and designated luggage

4. The aisle of the bus/coach or emergency exits must not under any
circumstance be obstructed.

5. Once designated luggage areas are full, alternate arrangements must be
made by the hirer to transport the excess luggage.
Emergency Procedures.
Evacuation of Vehicle.

The bus/coach may be required to be evacuated under the following circumstances:
1. At the instruction of the Driver, an authorized Company officer, a police
officer, or any other person having reasonable cause and authority so to

2. If there is a risk to passengers whilst any repairs or adjustments are made to
the bus/coach.

3. If there is a risk of fire or explosion.

4. If a suspicious package is found or believed to be on or attached to the

5. Post incident or accident.
Procedure for Evacuating Bus.
Evacuation of the bus/coach may be instigated by one of the afore mentioned events,
and should proceed quietly, quickly and in an orderly fashion once the vehicle is
stationary, and it is safe to do so.
Evacuation will be by;

1. By the bus/coach door(s) if they are able to be opened, unobstructed and it is
safe to do so.

2. If evacuation is not practicable by the door(s), thence by an available marked
Emergency Exit.

Once out of the vehicle, assembly shall be at a safe location sufficient distance from
the vehicle, this distance being dependent on the circumstances.

The adult in charge, or the teacher in charge will account for all the passengers,
attend to their needs, and keep order.

The Driver will be the last person to leave the vehicle, and will oversee the safe
assembly and accounting for the passengers

The Driver will render such assistance as he is capable of, if requested.
The Driver must report all incidents involving evacuation to the management of
Aussie Sights Tours and Travel, by medium of mobile phone, followed up
by a written report, to the Company’s office, as soon as practicable.

This report shall include all details, such as, where, when, why, who the hiring group
is, person in charge, person instructing evacuation, and names of persons injured or
under duress, names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses or involved